Truth, No Chaser (TNC) is a digital community created to tackle tough subjects with a needed dose of truth. TNC seeks to elevate the level of discourse around sensitive topics in a way that is not bound by agendas, affiliations, or ideology. We talk about race, culture, politics, religion, relationships, and anything else under the sun. Nothing is off-limits. Regardless of the topic, TNC is a space where serious arguments are actually engaged and thoughtful dialogue is encouraged.

Founder and Editor, Delano Squires, has written for for Black and Married with Kids (BMWK), The Grio, and the Root on a range of subjects both personal and political. The idea for Truth, No Chaser started from his frustration that public commentary on serious issues is often restricted by personal and political agendas, resulting in conversations that lack a connection to the real world. So regardless of the topic that is being discussed, the goal will remain the same: just speak the truth.

Contact us: truthnochaser@gmail.com

Twitter: @Truth_NoChaser